Crucial 21st Century Cinema, Directed by Women

To mark the 46th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade (the 1973 Supreme Court case that made abortion legal throughout the United States), Directed By Women featured a piece written by Amy, that discussed the 2016 documentary film Trapped, by Dawn Porter. This blog is part of the #Crucial21stCenturyDbW initiative that will highlight films of the 21st Century directed by women. Read the full article.

LA Talk Radio’s Female Filmmakers Fuse

Amy talks with Alexa Polar on Female Filmmaker’s podcast airing on LA Talk Radio and iTunes!  Amy and Alexa muse about teachers who inspire us, religious views and of course, abortion…


Created by Farrah Aviva in May 2018, BITE THE BULLET Stories features celebrities, social influencers, and everyday people ‘biting the bullet’ to come forward and share their personal experiences of hardships, triumphs and determination for change.  The cast of In Her View had a photoshoot in August, 2018.

The Commentary

The film and stage director Amy Starkey discusses her feature film project In Her View, its themes, as well as working in the arts, with Joseph Planta on The Commentary.

Amy Starkey was also featured on Cool Conversations

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