Rewrites: Forever Hold Your Peace by Olivia Etey, Opera Unbound (November, 2022)
  • Director: Amy Starkey
  • Playwright: Olivia Etey
  • Producer & Musical Director: Taryn Plater
  • Pianist: Roger Panton
  • Dramaturge: Nicky Anderton
  • Lighting Designer: Keagan Elrick
  • Stage Manager: Andrew Wade
  • Cast: Giuliana Misasi, Olivia Kang, Darcy Blunston, Hayley Sullivan, Sawyer Craig

Written by Vancouver playwright Olivia Etey, the project creates a new work using the opera canon’s most beautiful – and problematic – pieces as building blocks. With an entirely original script and musical elements bravely modified for the dramatic situation, the work will be an imaginative and out-of-the-box experience for opera and theatre fans alike.

A Late Snow by Jane Chambers, Pivot Theatre (November, 2022)
  • Director: Cathie Young
  • Asst Director: Denise Brookson
  • Playwright: Jane Chambers
  • Producer: Margaret Shearman
  • Stage Manager: Karen Ostroff
  • Cast: Taylor Stutchbury, Nicki Regnier, Amy Starkey, Rachel Gadd, Jenn Tiles
Directing Gallery
Dracula by Liz Lochheed, Deep Cove Stage (2017)
Chapter Two by Neil Simon, Deep Cove Stage (2016)
The Attic, The Pearls & Three Fine Girls, Emerald Pig Theatre (2014) *Theatre BC Zone Festival winner

By Ann-Marie Macdonald, Alisa Palmer, Jennifer Brewin, Leah Cherniak and Martha Ross

Performance Gallery
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