In Her View Film

Logline: A bisexual filmmaker and a troubled woman confront opposing views while filming a documentary about women’s abortion stories.

In Her View is a proof of concept short film that demonstrates the promise of the feature script. Interested producing partners, please contact



At a time when women are marching around the world for their voices to be heard and their stories to matter, In Her View is not just about abortion, but about our right as women to control our own narrative.

Grace in the mirror

It seeks to go beyond the politics, which have reached a critical turning point in the US, and to show the universality of women’s experiences with this most personal choice.

This film within a film is a dramatic narrative that portrays the spectrum of women’s experiences with abortion and how these very personal stories can impact our views about a subject that has been highly politicized in our culture. The diverse stories, as told through a filmmaker’s lens illuminate the female experience of sexuality, fertility, love, betrayal and our complex relationship with motherhood.

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