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3rd Wave: pilot, dramatic continuing series

Logline: In 1990s New York, an indie filmmaker pursues the story that will define her career while working a day job with an eclectic mix of lovers and friends, bucking conventional gender roles to find their place in the competitive worlds of film, theatre and dance.

Synopsis: During the ’90s, New York was still the place where people sang about making it – singers, dancers, actors and a growing new breed of aspiring artist – the indie filmmaker. 

Pamela Turner is just such a dreamer, having pivoted from a journalism degree to find her voice as a filmmaker. Along with her lovers Iris and Tom, Pamela searches for the story that will launch her career. She finds inspiration by making music videos, while Iris dreams of being Courtney Love and hostess Colette is a dancer on her way to becoming the next Alvin Ailey.

Together, they work at Pazzo, a neighbourhood eatery with a casual dining room upstairs and a pub downstairs with live music. Pazzo is a second home and family to the misfit performers working to pay the bills while crafting their creative dreams, and discovering that life is what happens while they’re busy making other plans.

This is a period continuing series that explores questions of sexuality, relationship and identity while carving out a career in the competitive world of show business- this is not Friends or Seinfeld. These folks have baggage that has gotten in the way of their dreams and they struggle to discover what they have to offer the world while reconciling their past selves with the person they are on the path to becoming.

The Schoolyard, a short screenplay

Logline: Returning to her high school stomping grounds after 10 years away, a woman’s dark prank on old friends provokes a #metoo retaliation.

Synopsis: After 10 years away, Wendie’s reunion with her high school gang provokes memories of an assault that her friends could have prevented. With the help of her new girlfriend, unknown to the gang, Wendie stages a creepy re-enactment in the abandoned schoolyard where the attack took place 10 years earlier. The dark prank backfires when someone takes their own revenge on the group, and one by one the friends disappear from the safety of their schoolyard bonfire.

Drayton Divas, a feature screenplay

Logline: When her husband empties their tuition account, a pampered private school mom discovers how the working class lives as she takes a job at her daughter’s elite academy and learns just how cut throat the competition is for academic excellence.

Synopsis: Tallulah enjoys a life of privilege with her mom group at the prestigious Drayton Academy. Her life of mani-pedis, coffee and gossip is disrupted when her husband runs off with a Hollywood star leaving Tallulah with no income. To keep her daughter at the high-priced school, she takes a job in the Principal’s office where she is mentored by Julia, the school registrar, whose daughter also attends Drayton. Tallulah is soon recruited by a school official to coax financial donations from her well-to-do group of friends, at threat of losing her daughter’s place at the expensive academy.

While Tallulah’s favour drops, Julia’s reputation builds among the exclusive Drayton community, upending the social order and causing their status to reverse. Julia releases a successful album with Drayton’s rock star parent, Dane Thomas, while Tallulah strives to maintain her standing with both the school administration and her pampered friends.

Julia and Dane host a fund-raising concert to expose the academy’s corporate machinations and bring equality to the status oriented social structure of the private school. 10 Page script sample of Drayton Divas

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