Drayton Divas

A feature screenplay by Amy Starkey

Logline: When her husband empties their tuition account, a pampered private school mom discovers how the working class lives as she takes a job at her daughter’s elite academy and learns just how cut throat the competition is for academic excellence.

Synopsis: Tallulah enjoys a life of privilege with her mom group at the prestigious Drayton Academy. Her life of mani-pedis, coffee and gossip is disrupted when her husband runs off with a Hollywood star leaving Tallulah with no income. To keep her daughter at the high-priced school, she takes a job in the Principal’s office where she is mentored by Julia, the school registrar, whose daughter also attends Drayton. Tallulah is soon recruited by a school official to coax financial donations from her well-to-do group of friends, at threat of losing her daughter’s place at the expensive academy.

While Tallulah’s favour drops, Julia’s reputation builds among the exclusive Drayton community, upending the social order and causing their status to reverse. Julia releases a successful album with Drayton’s rock star parent, Dane Thomas, while Tallulah strives to maintain her standing with both the school administration and her pampered friends.

Julia and Dane devise a plan to expose the academy’s corporate machinations and bring equality to the status oriented social structure of the private school. Tallulah’s tuition is paid through a fund-raising concert, and a fund established to ensure all deserving students gain the opportunity to attend such a prestigious academy.

Click below to read a 10 page excerpt of Drayton Divas

Excerpt: Drayton Divas

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