In Her View on FlickFair

Hey Friends,

Today across North America, people are marching again for abortion access and reproductive justice, as part of the Women’s March who first rallied in 2017, coincidentally the same year I made my first short film, In Her View.

In Her View tackles the abortion debate from a personal, storytelling point of view, without trying to take sides or politicize a highly charged subject. However, the personal is always political when the right to choose is threatened as it is in Texas and the wider US today. While In Her View is ultimately about the power of storytelling to impact our beliefs, and although each character comes to the subject of abortion with a different story and a different view, the message is clear – every woman has the right to decide for herself when and if to become a mother.

In solidarity with our American neighbours, I invite you to revisit In Her View, seek out abortion organizations such as Exhale/Pro-Voice, Shout Your Abortion, Planned Parenthood, A is for, Abortion Rights Coalition Canada and many others who support people who need abortion care and are educating the public about the need for abortion access across North America.

You can subscribe to the October screening program at FlickFair for free using my code: FFVIP

Author: Renaissance Woman


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