In Her View … again.

Abortion access news brings In Her View back to the festival circuit.

I am taking a break from my nostalgic summer sojourns to remind you that abortion access is in the news again. Not only has it been brought up during the first week of the election campaign here in Canada (positioned as a conscience issue for health providers), but just as reproductive justice warriors in the U.S have been predicting since 2016, Roe v. Wade is on the chopping block at the Supreme Court after a Texas abortion law took effect today. And coincidentally (or not), In Her View has been invited to screen in yet another film festival. FlickFair has approached me to participate in their online festival screening In Her View for the month of October, with a potential reach of about 900,000 viewers. Of course, given the grim news, I have accepted the invitation. It doesn’t give me any joy however, knowing that 1000s of people with unplanned pregnancies will face continued persecution in Texas and across the U.S. as of today.

Stay tuned for further updates about the October screening. -Amy

Author: Renaissance Woman


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